Beading for dental drills

Drill bearing is a high speed micro bearing with high precision and high speed ceramic ball bearing, suitable for most dental/medical applications.These drill bearings have very high quality and precision, dimensional tolerances over abec-7 (high speed instrument bearings).Generally, there are P4/ abec-7 and P2/ abec-9. Kunjing drill bearing varieties, with complete specifications, different bearing parts and materials to meet the requirements of products with different speeds from 150,000 to 500,000 RPM.

The use of kun drill bearings can improve the performance of your medical phone. The main benefits include:

Extreme speed

These bearings use ultra-fine grinding processes to improve the surface finish and relative roundness of the inner and outer raceways of the bearings, thus maintaining higher speeds throughout the life of the phone.

Longer warranty

Drill bearings are always used in relatively harsh conditions, repeated disinfection, running water and incorrect handling of greases often cause them to fail prematurely.With the improvement of product quality, kun jing can significantly extend the warranty period of mobile phone manufacturers.

Lower noise

These drill bearings use a compact integral dust cap design and more precise tolerances to achieve lower bearing noise.

Longer life

Our bearings use a higher tolerance level of precision and a special sealing design to ensure that grease is not consumed prematurely, which ensures longer life of our bearings.

Reliable material

The inner and outer rings are made of 9Cr18MO stainless steel (AISI440C).Ceramic ball material (Si3N4) or stainless steel ball;Storage material code: TL - polyimide (black), Ti - phenolic bakelite, TA - polyimide (yellow).

Shanghai kunjing bearing co., LTD., whose predecessor was founded in 1980s, is a professional enterprise engaged in the production and sales of dental drill bearing with the registered trademark of "KJ".

Extension: with advances in technology, dental drill bearings have come in many configurations, but all have the same basic functions, high RPM and low noise, including turbines, nose, coupling and drill bits.High-speed drilling is activated by an air turbine.These devices pump high-pressure air into mechanical energy, allowing the drill to turn more than 400,000 to 450,000 revolutions.

The drill bit is the most important part of the dental drill.It is ephemeral, highly durable, able to withstand high-speed rotation and subsequent heat generation.Its air turbine engine is sandwiched between two high-speed bearings that act as an entire unit mounted on the head of the drill bit, either directly or through a series of shafts and gears to drive the drill bit.The bearing thus becomes the key factor used to achieve the optimal rotation speed.Therefore, bearing accuracy, ring material, structure, rolling element, raceway diameter and retainer material have a direct impact on the ability of the drill.It will be important for any dental drill and dental handset manufacturer to have a reliable supply partner for dental drill bearings.

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